Strawberry & Kiwi Fruit e-liquid

An icon of a Kiwi fruit, as this is a kiwi fruit flavoured e-liquid + An icon of strawberries because strawberry is an ingredient of Pink Kiwi eliquid + An icon of vanilla as there is a hint of vanilla in Pink kiwi vape jiuce

PINK KIWI is a contradiction of flavours, with the sweetness of strawberries colliding with the tangy taste of kiwi fruit and topping it out with vanilla undertones.
Sounds crazy but it works, sweet and tangy just right for an all day strawberry vape.

If you like your fruit flavours more on the darker wilder side then this one is for you.
Full of flavour and ready to kick your vaping experience to a new level.


Pink Kiwi


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Flavoured e-liquid

PINK KIWI is an awkward mix, it's not sure if it should be going to the Strawberry Ball or to the Kiwi Fruit Ball,
it spends most of it's time on the outside looking in.
But just like the ugly duckling, after a few days of steeping this little gem turns into something of beauty,
now it can go to any of the Balls and it's dance card is full.

Priced from $8.90 a Bottle.

full range of Kiwi Fruit e-liquid
Contains artificial/natural flavours, vegetable glycerin and propylene glycol.
• Due to Australian Laws, none of our e-liquid contain nicotine.

Hey BRO this Aussie sun is pretty harsh.

A pink kiwi from New Zealand, not a strawberry kiwi flavoured e-liquid.

No not that sort of Pink Kiwi... 😉
Strawberry & Kiwi FRUIT.