Apple Pie e-liquid

An icon of a apple, as this is an apple flavoured e-liquid + An icon of pie crust because pie crust is an ingredient of this eliquid + An icon of cream as there is a big dollop of cream flavour in this vape jiuce

A delicious warm apple pie with a dollop of cream, the PIE HOLE is right on point if your a pie lover. On inhale you'll will taste the flavour of stewed apples and pie crust and on exhale the cream comes to life to round out the flavour to perfection.

If you enjoy vaping baked flavours then this one's a must.
The stewed apple taste is the main hero of this flavour.

Pie Hole


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Apple Pie
Flavoured e-liquid

The PIE HOLE is full of stewed apples, if you like your apples your in luck.
All the apples in this e-liquid volunteered for the role, there was no coercion
as we believe in the rites of Apples across the globe..

Priced from $8.90 a Bottle.

full range of apple pie e-liquid
Contains artificial/natural flavours, vegetable glycerin and propylene glycol.
• Due to Australian Laws, none of our e-liquid contain nicotine.

Urban Dictionary..

The urban dictionary states that a pie hole is the hole in your face where you shovel pie into.

PIE HOLE - The facial orafice into which one shoves pie
and other food items (ie: the mouth).... 😉