Doughnut e-liquid

An icon of a doughnut, as this is a doughnut flavoured e-liquid + An icon of strawberry because strawberry is an ingredient of Jam Nut eliquid

A Strawberry coated Doughnut that will fill your mouth with that sweet bakery taste.
On inhaling JAM NUT you will enjoy the taste of strawberry "Pink" coating and then your mouth will fill with that oh so yummy flavour of doughnuts.

Perfect blend if your after some sweetness but looking for that smooth bakery flavour.
Not to sweet, but definitely moreish, just like a Pink coated doughnut.

Jam Nut

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1 review for Jam Nut

  1. wayne smith

    “YUM” Dont normally bother leaving reviews but im back for my third bottle, this stuff is exellent, loving the strawberry finish

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Strawberry Doughnut
Flavoured e-liquid

Doughnut or donut it still tastes the same, we were going nuts deciding, that's why this little gem is called JAM NUT.
Did you know that in Germany a doughnut is translated to "Krapfen", not sure if I wont one of those.

Priced from $8.90 a Bottle.

donut flavoured e-liquid
Contains artificial/natural flavours, vegetable glycerin and propylene glycol.
• Due to Australian Laws, none of our e-liquid contain nicotine.


Donuts are fat free in the middle

100% Fat Free... 😉
In the Middle.