Dragon Fruit e-liquid

An icon of a Dragon Fruit, as this is a Dragon fruit flavoured e-liquid + An icon of Cream because Cream is an ingredient of this dragon fruit eliquid + An icon of vanilla as there is a hint of vanilla in Baby dragon vape jiuce

BABY DRAGON is a combination of Dragon Fruit, Cream and Vanilla, overall it's a fruit flavoured vape juice, but unlike most fruit flavours this one is super smooth.
The Dragon Fruit flavour is the lead singer of this juice and the cream and vanilla are the back-up dancers, smoothing out the taste.

Highly recommended if your looking for a super smooth juice that still packs a flavour punch.

Baby Dragon


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As little as $13.33 for a 60ml bottle.


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Dragon Fruit
Flavoured e-liquid

Our BABY DRAGON is unable to make an appearance, as he was sent to his room for smoking.
So his grandad is filling in for him, he's older n' wiser and switched to vaping.

Priced from $8.90 a Bottle.

full range of dragon fruit flavoured e-liquid
Contains artificial/natural flavours, vegetable glycerin and propylene glycol.
• Due to Australian Laws, none of our e-liquid contain nicotine.

Why do Dragons sleep during the day?

baby dragon joke about knights

So they can fight Knights... 😉