Storage & Shelf Life of e-liquid

Storage of e-liquid and the shelf life of e-liquid have a symbiotic relationship, depending how and where you store your e-liquid will effect its shelf life.

Storage of e-liquid

We recommend you store our juice away from direct sunlight and in an environment away from extreme temperature changes. Also keeping the lids on firmly,  as exposure to prolonged oxygen will result in flavour loss.

sunshine will effect the shelf life of e-liquid    High temperatures are bad for the storage of e-liquid    oxygen will reduce the flavour of your e-liquid

A checklist of good storage would be;

  • dark no sunlight
    (the darker the better)
  • lids firmly tightened
    (don't let the air fairies take your flavour)
  • away from heat emitters
    (ovens, gas/elec. heaters etc.)
  • away from children & pets
    (out of view, high shelf, locked box)
  • away from uncovered food
    (especially if your adding nicotine)

In most cases you will not need to store in refrigeration, but if you live in parts of Australia that have prolonged heat waves then this may be good option.

In particular keep in mind not just storage but every day use, don't leave your e-liquid your currently vaping on the window sill or inside a hot car.

If you can follow these tips then you should reach the maximum shelf life of an e-liquid.

Shelf Life of e-liquid

Careful storage should maintain flavour for up to 24 months from born date.
Propylene Glycol, and Vegetable Glycerin, have an established shelf life of about 2 years if stored in the correct conditions. When exposed to direct sunlight or extreme heat, these components begin to break down sooner.

The real uncertainty for expired e-liquid is the flavour breaking down over time, changing flavours and even tasting stale. Each flavour is a little different; some can last up to 5 years while others lose flavour in two, correct storage will help to keep those precious flavours locked in.

How can I tell if the e-liquid has expired?

If your not sure if an e-liquid is still ok to vape there is a couple of things you can do to check if it still ok.

Separation- naturally the heavier denser liquids will sink to the bottom of the bottle, shake the bottle vigorously for a minute, let it settle and repeat again. If the separation of liquids is still visible after a few shakes then I would recommend that you don't vape it.

Smell- if the e-liquid shakes up ok, then give it the smell test. A simple smell can let you know if the flavour is still valid and not turned into something nasty.

and finally

Taste - if it smells good then drip a small amount on your finger and give it the taste test. Make sure you have a glass of water on hand just in case your nose didn't pick up what you maybe tasting now.

Testing for expired vape juice reminds me of two of the great smokers of my generation.

"if it looks like dog s**t, smells like dog s**t, taste like dog s**t, then it's probably Dog Shit!"

"Be careful you don't vape it!"